Image drawn by a visitor to AMMI 26th June 2003 using DRAW

DARE was an interactive installation that opened at the American Museum of the Moving Image on June 19th and ran until October 26th, 2003. It consisted of four touch screen computer-based artworks formed by the images, gestures and drawings contributed by visitors during the course of the installation.

I developed two pieces DRAW and MODEL, concerned with gesture and the creation of lines or marks. The camera based works, GRID and FACE were developed by Ross Phillips. All recorded user interactions and could be recreated as a time based sequence.

Each participating visitor contributed their touch, their image to the growing, animated and dynamic works.

From the press release:

DARE is concerned with time and authorship, and the way these define the difference between two forms of representation, the game and the story. DARE connects the NOW of play with the THEN of narrative and so blurs the line between author and audience. The title DARE refers both to the Italian verb ‘to give’ and the English verb meaning ‘to be bold’. We hope visitors to DARE will be posters, not lurkers, that they will dare to give of themselves, and dare to play, and in doing so help create both the exhibition and its story.


Model wrapped wireframe lines drawn by touching the screen around a 3D cylinder, giving an unique drawing experience, combining a surreal depth with motion.


Draw captured movement across the screen in a line of oscilating triangles. The line erased itself after a period, providing scope for animated narratives to be developed.

Both Grid and Face, works by Ross Phillips, can be seen here.