Convocation was a work designed and completed with sparks in the summer of 2007. Commissioned by the Contemporary Art Society for the Economist Plaza in Piccadilly, London, the work was a large form covered in soft, artificial turf, inviting a renewed engagement with the space and sharing it. The piece was installed between July and September 2007 and featured in Icon November 2007.

Set against the starkness of the Peter and Allison Smithson’s 1964 architecture, Convocation injects an rounded form into the Plaza, providing an alternative to the existing concrete furniture. 

Photo by Jon Willcocks  Photo by Jon Willcocks
Photos Jon Willcocks


As the Economist Plaza is in constant use we had just over 2 days to build the piece. Here’s a timelapse of its construction from CNC cut sheets of ply wood. All the materials were sent for recycling following deconstruction at the end of the exhibition.

Convocation 2007 from Sparks Studio on Vimeo.