The Vibration Station is the result of a commission to create a unique exhibit for the Science Museum’s Launchpad. Taking ideas from the BeatBox visitors can explore the sounds of the different surfaces by teaching the tappers a rhythm.

Flicking the switch on top of each tapper puts it into the red record mode. Pressing the round button allows you to tap out a 2 second rhythm. Flicking back into the green play mode your rhythm is saved, and will loop continually until it is recorded over. Once playing, the tappers can be placed on any of the number of carefully chosen surfaces, comparing material, size, thickness and volume.

Each tapper is syncronised with the others and the visitor has no control over the overall tempo. There is also no timeout – they’ll keep on going forever, but there is a rubber mat where they can tap in near silence.

Gallery director Emily Scott-Dearing named Vibration Station her most memorable experience of the Launchpad development in TimeOut’s guide to the new exhibits. Download the TimeOut .pdf here.