Additional Software Video Documentation

    Colour Wheel

    I was designer/developer on this exhibit for the Australian Centre for the Moving Image with Robson&Jones in 2009/2010. The exhibit explores the use of colour within cinema and through three rounds of detail spotting. The exhibit display was projected and it was controlled with a physical jog wheel and arcade button. Here’s an excerpt showing the attractor, instructions and first stage of the exhibit.


    A sound toy made in collaboration with a videographer and sound designer for the CDrom accompanying Fabrica’s book 2398gr in 2003. Latte is part puzzle, part music mixer and part image builder.


    Another sound toy made with the same team as Latte for the CDrom accompanying Fabrica’s book 2398gr in 2003. Mixes 16 channels of sound alongside short percussive video clips.


    Draw is one of a pair of touchscreen drawing applications which were exhibited as part of the DARE show in 2003. Draw uses a single, continuous ribbon as the line which erases itself over time providing opportunities for animation. Following the exhibition I also produced a version which integrated viewport panning in six directions allowing for the creation of different scenes on different planes.


    Also part of DARE Model takes a 2d point and places it on a 3d cylinder creating a ribbon with each touch. Storing only one touch per model the software also provides a way of viewing existing shapes.

    Model at the MOMI.

    Temporale from INOUT

    One of nine sound toys on a Fabrica published CDrom from 2001/2002. Developed in collaboration with two of the Fabrica Music department residents Temporale follows very much in the Antirom approach to interactive toys. Rolling over different areas of the chair triggers different video clips.

    Sound Fountain

    An installation created with Mark Hauenstein while at the RCA in 2004. See here for a full description.

    United People

    Video messaging kiosk development for Benetton stores created at Fabrica during 2003-2004. I was one of the lead developers creating the client software and simple messaging framework. See here for a full description.